March 2019

From the Editor’s Desk
The crystallinity and symmetry of semiconductors is essential for their optical and electronic properties. Any change in the crystalline structure due to lattice defects disrupts the electronic band structure and the corresponding properties. Thus, it is important to study lattice defects in semiconductors for actual device applications. Defects in semiconductors have been studied for many years from the viewpoint toward improving the quality of materials.

December 2018

From the Editor’s Desk
We are presenting the December issue of Semiconductor News. The incredible potential of 2D materials has shown immense growth during last few years. Their usefulness beyond standard electronics has been attributed mainly due to their properties such as strength, flexibility and transparency. It is believed that thousands of 2D materials exists out of which 700 have been predicted to be stable and rest are waiting to be discovered. The known compounds can be exfoliated like splitting layers of slate on the molecular scale.

September 2018

From the Editor’s Desk
It is our pleasure to present this issue of the SSI Newsletter. Harvesting energy from the sunlight is considered to be one of the powerful energy source for achieving a sustainable and renewable energy supply. Using solar cell, light energy can be converted directly into electricity. To date, most solar cells are made of silicon. But, the silicon panels are expensive to produce because of its expensive manufacturing and installation cost. Scientists over the world have been working to find out an alternative way of solar cell production using perovskite structures. A perovskite is any material with the chemical formula ABX3, where ‘A’ and ‘B’ are two cations of different sizes and ‘X’ is an anion that bonds to both.

June 2018

From the Editor’s Desk
Here, we present the seventh issue of Semiconductor News, an e-newsletter of SSI. In the last issue properties of Ga2O3 from device point of view had been discussed. Researchers are trying hard to grow this material for optoelectronic devices which essentially require p and n type nature of the material for device applications.

The photodetector is one of the most widely used and frequently needed optoelectronic device. The wideband optical response with excellent electronic transport properties, high quantum efficiency, low noise, large bandwidth and high speed are essentially required for photodetectors,. In current scenario, size of the device is critical feature in semiconductor industry. Scientists are putting efforts to reduce the size and weight of the photodetector and at the same time enhancing the performance levels. Shrinking the size is restricted by thin film layer quality and transparency of film towards light. Among various materials, Graphene is particularly attractive for futuristic detectors. The nearly gapless structure results into broadband absorption and high carrier mobility enables fast response. Various applications viz. infrared imaging, spectroscopy, terahertz imaging, telecommunications can be covered with the material. Quantum dot for photodetection is one of the flourishing area for innovations. Various schemes are being developed for photodetection applications such as single photon detectors.

April 2018

From the Editor’s Desk
Silicon (Si) has been extensively studied and long being used in semiconductor technology and devices. But in today’s scenario, Si based devices face limitations for their application in high power devices due to low value of critical electric field. Recently, gallium oxide (Ga2O3) has emerged as a key material for power devices due to its wide bandgap (~5.0 eV) and large breakdown field (8 MV/cm). The critical field of Ga2O3 is about twenty times more than Si and twice that of silicon carbide (SiC) and gallium nitride (GaN). This allows Ga2O3 to be more capable than existing technologies. These unique properties of Ga2O3 offer to operate well in high power electronics and to fabricate solar blind UV photodetectors, solar cells and sensors.

December 2017

From the Editor’s Desk
The air pollution is increasing day by day at an alarming rate on global scale. According to WHO (World Health Organization) report, more than 80% of the world urban populations are exposed to air quality that exceeds WHO standard levels. The air pollution comprises of number of pollutants such as Sulphur dioxide (SO2), Nitrogen oxides (NOx), Ozone (O3), particulate matter (small suspended particles of varying sizes), Carbon monoxide (CO) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

September 2017

From the Editor’s Desk
It is our pleasure to present this issue of News letter. III-nitrides semiconductor including GaN, InN, AlN, InGaN, AlGaN and AlInGaN are promising materials, covering the spectral range from deep ultraviolet (UV) to infrared, with unique properties suitable for advanced electronic and optoelectronic applications.

June, 2017

From the Editor’s Desk
We are happy to present the third issue of Semiconductor News, an e-newsletter of SSI. In the last issue, the work on vertical standing GaN nanorods based Schottky diodes was reported. GaN is a promising material for power electronics and optoelectronic devices. Recently IIT Delhi and SSI organized a workshop on growth and fabrication of GaN based electronic and optoelectronic devices where scientists from premier institutions and laboratories presented their research work. This year SSPL (DRDO) and IIT Delhi will jointly organize 19th International Workshop on Physics of Semiconductor Devices (IWPSD), which will be a golden opportunity for researchers and scientists to present their work and exchange ideas in the field of semiconductor materials and devices.

March, 2017

From the Editor’s Desk
We have the pleasure of presenting this issue with the worldwide news of discovery of ‘time crystals’. Nature loves symmetry and it is fascinating to the humankind from the beginning of the civilization. From James Clerk Maxwell’s theory of electromagnetism to Einstein’s General theory of relativity, symmetry is found in the physical laws including time symmetry that never breaks.

December, 2016

From the Chairman's Desk
It gives me immense pleasure to announce the resumption of Semiconductor News, an e-newsletter of Semiconductor Society (India). The executive committee of SSI has decided to publish it out quarterly.